Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Winter triathlon training camp 2013

In St. Pete Beach, Florida.  Good times.  This was our 9th winter/spring camp, we started in 2004 and missed 2006 due to world travels.

The goal is solid training and a good time in the sun. Mission accomplished.

We drove down and spent an evening with sis and bro-in law and Mom-in-law in Jacksonville, then dropped off Junior at my sister's for good times with his cousins and Gramma.  We'd like to bring him to camp but a 1 year old is a full time job and would be tough to pull off for a training camp.

day 0.1: arrive on Tuesday, beach run with Bri and Frank.  45 minutes easy, nice weather.  Dinner/social hour then bed time.

Day 1: Long ride: beach-Pinellas trail-downtown-beach.  58 or so miles, time is not fast but some lights, breaks, etc.

Bumped into 2nd time Mom and our old friend Christina

Afternoon swim at Northshore pool.

Dinner with father-in-law and his wife, check out dessert:

Day 2: St Pete Masters with Mary

long run at Al Lopez Park

open water swim on St Pete Beach

short run after that

Day 3: St Pete Masters with Mary

long ride on Suncoast Trail

Swim at Northshore pool

Day 4: Suncoast classic 10k

Swim at Northshore pool

Awfully windy ride into Fort Desoto with Kari, stuck at the bridge

Dinner at Gators on Treasure Island

late night solo venture to the Undertow Beach Bar

Day 5: Cold ride into Fort Desoto with Tracy
quick stop into Cigar City Brewery in Tampa

pack up
visit w Looneys

visit w Lowerys
Chic-Fil-A playtime and Cracker Barrel time out
Good times!

My training camp totals for the week (including the easy Tuesday evening run)
swim: 20,000 yards
bike: 155 miles
run: ~22 miles
Total time: ~19 hours

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Matthew said...

Most triathlon coaches would probably agree that you should train on each event at least twice a week (i.e., you should have two swim workouts, two cycling workouts, and two running workouts).

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