Thursday, February 21, 2013

The truth about having kids (what they don't tell you)

A typical morning on baby duty before Junior gets dropped off at daycare (pre-pre-kindergarten):

  • Up at six AM on my "sleep in day"
  • After one hour have not done by dooty
  • Have not brushed my teeth
  • Have not had breakfast
  • Had to chug my coffee
  • Got baby-yelled-at for not getting His Highness' breakfast ready quick enough
  • Got baby-yelled-at for not providing the appropriate selection
  • Sucked out big green boogies with a bulb
  • Had a wrestling match to change outfits; broke out in a cold sweat
  • Dog has not been fed; dog looks sad about it
  • Got to play basketball and chase with Junior for 5 minutes
  • Got a hug
  • Got a toothy grin

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

truth: bullet items fade away in your memory when they hit the teen years. -skaggs