Monday, February 4, 2013


The past couple of weeks have not been good for cycling.  Two weeks ago I was sick and only managed a one hour Sunday spin on my mountain bike.  Last week I got out for a decent 36 mile ride on Tuesday but then was bogged down with work and exhausted by a one year old who loves running in circles.  Fortunately it is still early in the year and my main races aren't for a while.

I planned to get out today but was tired, so I didn't get out.  Waah.  Maybe I'll jump on the trainer tonight after Junior Awesome hits the sack and watch some movies.  Or not.  It all depends.

Running and swimming have been fine and my general fitness is good.  Last week I got in 4 runs for a total of almost 21 miles.  The foot continues to feel fine, now I am back to working on the pace. 

In other news, I gave two presentations last week.  The first was at Inside Out Sports on the importance of base training.  The second was at the Endurance Magazine Lifestyle Expo on Half-Ironman Specific Training.  I'll post both as pdfs to the One Step Beyond articles section in the next couple of days.

We've also finalized our dates for swim clinics this year.

Feb 24 - Beginner swim clinic
Mar 30 - Powerstroke clinic
Apr 27 - Open water clinic
June 9 - Open water clinic
July 13 - Open water clinic
Aug 11 - Open water clinic
Oct 6 - Powerstroke clinic

You can sign up for any of these via our triathlon camps and swim clinics page.

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