Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Half-marathon race report: Not So Normal Run, Carrboro 2017

After scrapping the WB half marathon for family reasons, I discovered there was a convenient half-marathon in town the following weekend.  This one's called the Not So Normal Run in Carrboro. Carrboro is a hippish little town just west of Chapel Hill. Lots of fun things to do.

I didn't rest up and stayed up too late the night before. I had psyched myself up for a flat half marathon at the beach, not a rolling type course, and my chi and chakras had sort of gone floopy and floppy with the preceding travel and a busy week in general.

But, like the super duper trooper I am, I decided that if and when I awoke, I would put on my happy face and DO WORK. If I felt good. And had enough coffee. And something to eat.

I arrived early.  Almost too early! I had enough time to run to the site, get my stuff, run back to the car, drive the car closer, and drink more coffee on the drive.

Here is a file recording part of the warmup and the drive to the new parking space. It's exciting!

The weather was perfect. Perfect I say! 40 degrees and not moist. Dry, is a word. Yes. It was a cool, dry morning. Perfect!

I lined up. There were around 400 people total between the 4 different races. I was in the second line of runners. Not the very front. Perfect!

Once we started, I discovered that my watch was in bike mode. Since it told me I was riding nine miles an hour and my power was zero. Damn. How will I run without a watch to bleep and blurp at me. This is unacceptable!

As I attempted to change the settings on the watch without slowing down and without my reading glasses, a local racing buddy pulled up next to me. Joy! I asked what pace he intended to run. "Around 1:30," he said. Perfect! I shall latch onto him if possible.

I fixed the watch. My legs felt good. Kit and I chatted throughout the run and kept a very consistent pace. It wound up being a good day and we finished just under 1:32. I am pretty sure he could have gone faster but his wife just had a new baby and he was new-daddy tired.

The course wasn't flat but it wasn't terribly hilly either. I was pleased to have a good run and look forward to attempting another shot at breaking 1:30 in the fall at some local race or another.

I didn't take any other pictures, except with my mind, which is like a Polaroid. Shake it around and something might turn up.

Bird up!

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