Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fat, drunk, and stupid...

"...Is no way to go through life, son." said the sage Dean Wormer to the ill-advised Flounder. But it can get you through a 10 mile running race in non-record breaking time.

I'm still carrying a few extra pounds of non-performing flesh and they add up at roughly 2 sec per pound per mile. Also had few beers at the Flying Saucer last night, then we got to sleep at a decent hour.

I dialed in at 7:30 mile pace and held it there for the Anna's angel 10 miler in Research Triangle Park. The course was pleasant enough, rolling hills and little traffic. Didn't feel bad but I am revisiting my marathon goal time after today. A Boston Q time for my age group (M35-39) would be 3:15.59, which works out to 7:28 per mile pace.

Today I held 7:29 per mile pace for 10 miles. You can do the math. I have 2 months till the marathon in Philly. I am going to shoot for 3:20 or 3:25 and enjoy myself.

Bri had a good run, taking first for the women in the 5k and setting a new course record!

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