Monday, September 22, 2008

weekend in Wrightsville Beach

We had a great time over at the beach. On Saturday, I got in a 2 hour run while Bri raced in the Wilmington tri. She did well and took 4th in a competitive field. Then we lounged around, drank beer, told stories, and had fun. I forgot my laptop AC adapter and so couldn't do much work, which was a good thing. Got in a couple surf sessions as well.

On Sunday we went for another run, then I spun around the island on the bike. Got home and 7pm and plowed through some scheduling for my athletes.

At this moment I'm listening to a webinar from Mike Morgan, who believes Paulson is the devil, we're about to enter a depression, and you should be shorting or using put options on selective financials and REITs. For small fry like us he is advising to get your IRA/401k into treasuries, and expects to see Dow 8000 before we see Dow 12000.

Interesting times.

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