Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poker night

There is a Wednesday poker group that a fellow triathlete/poker player clued me into a few weeks ago. Last night I played for the second time. The stakes are not too high and the format is sit-and-go, meaning the blinds don't go up and you can leave when you want to (not a tournament like you see on TV). It is an all in Hold 'em game though, so if someones goes all in you better have good cards if you're going to call. I typically play pretty tight but mix it up once in a while. My dad has been a poker player for most of his life and these days counts it as part of his income.

The first time I played I made 25% on my initial buy-in. Last night I was able to make 150% on my initial buy in, which is good for Bri's running gear fund. I figure at this rate I can outpace stocks, the government, and inflation.

This weekend Bri and I will race in the Second Empire 5k on Sunday. The race start times around here are usually pretty manageable - this one goes off at 2pm. So you don't have to sit home like a lightweight the night before.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marty. I would like to thank you and Bri for running in our Second Empire 5K Classic this past weekend. Very impressive times!! Based on your life goals and your fitness levels, I hope you don't mind me sending you some information on another business my husband and I are in besides the restaurant business. You and Bri are the type people we are looking for to join us! Please be on the lookout for an e-mail from me. If you have further interest, please let me know. I would love the opportunity to share more information with you. Kim Reynolds, Second Empire Restaurant

martygaal said...

Hi Kim,

We had a nice time at the run, beautiful day for it.

Thanks for the note, we'd be happy to discuss any opportunities with you. My easiest email is martygaal a t t gmail dot com.