Sunday, November 30, 2008

biggie size wit dat

Bri and I have decided that in the spring we'll buy the biggest house we can afford. Rates are going to be back to all time lows (5s or under). Locking a 30 year mortgage on a big house before inflation kicks in will mean our future payment streams will just get smaller over time.

I will also be buying several assault rifles and shotguns, to defend us from the zombie hordes that are sure to overrun all civil and federal governments in the next fifteen years. Or from the governments. Whatever.

My big question is, do we go with electrical fencing and barbwire or a bunch of snarling rottweilers to secure the perimeter?

And, underground bomb shelter to wait out the apocalypse, or a helicopter for quick entry and exits?

This is what I sit around worrying about.


Anonymous said...

hey, bri and you should move out west. ca will "supersize" you with a 50-year mortgage.

martygaal said...

maybe they will let us do a 100 year mortgage and sign our kids and grandkids on for the complete repayment?