Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyber Monday

Bri has mentioned it in person or on her blog, but in many ways I can be a tightfisted cheapskate. I don't like to part with money unless it's on:

a) beer and food
b) investments of any sort
c) travel
d) races
e) worthwhile stuff for family or friends

Things that don't make it onto my list:
a) expensive restaurants
b) clothing
c) consumables of every sort.

But, for the past year my laptop PC has been getting slower and slower. We also have an old desktop that is even more of a dinosaur. The stuff that most internet sites streams down these days is high tech, takes up huge memory, and even some basic programs like Outlook move in very frustrating motion. I can't take it anymore, and Bri's laptop is also dying of old age.

So today we bought a new computer. My laptop has 384 MB of RAM, and the new desktop comes with 2 or 3 gigabytes of RAM. We also got a 20 inch monitor for $100 as part of the package ( until 12/4). Not bad at all.

I weighed the pros and cons of buying a 1/2 oz gold American Eagle instead. But we need a fully functional PC that will last us for the next few years and the constant hangups on this thing have driven me around the bend.


Anonymous said...

Travel, races, and food are my top three!

Anonymous said...

oh, btw are your poll questions ever coming back? thanks

Anonymous said...

Yep the polls will be back at some point, I have just been lazy about them.