Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I write just to hear myself write

Each week for the last few weeks I've been able to get out and do a good track or run workout. Today we did 3 x 1 mile, I made the last one on 6:13.

The stock market dropped like a rock today. I had a couple automatic buy orders (limit orders) in. Luckily I was at the computer and put stop-loss orders in after the buys went through. These particular stocks went through my stops in short order. So I repurchased them at a lower price later in the day. (FAS and UCO if you are interested). God knows if the market will continue to plummet tomorrow or rebound a bit as people 'cover their shorts.' That is opposed to 'shitting your shorts,' which is what most people did when they looked at their 401k statements in December.

I missed both Kung Fu practices last week, I was tired and that practice is friggin' hard. But I'm back at it tonight.

I won $4.00 in an online poker tournament last night. It only took 4 hours, but it was a 300% return on investment.

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