Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poker night

Poker last night didn't go well. I lost my almost my entire investment. Am 80% loss. Fortunately we play for relatively small stakes. Went into a big bet with a 10-A straight, but got beat by not one, but 2 full houses. Ouch. Then I hit an Ace high flush on the river and didn't think my opponent had any of the 4-4-6-6 on the board. I was wrong about that one as well. (Full house beats a flush). Held onto a small stack for the rest of the game so I wouldn't have to go home early. Bah.

In stock market news, weep. Just kidding. I am enjoying FAS (3x financial bull) in particular at the moment. It is basically hovering at all time lows then bouncing up 10-20%. I am in and out a couple times already. You might also want to look at ERX (3x energy), which hits 32 or less every couple weeks then shoots to 37+.

I found a free template and was able to spruce up the Triangle Open Water Mile Swim Series website quite a bit. You should visit the site and sign up for all of the races. Yessss, sign up you willl.

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