Monday, February 9, 2009

what's new, random thoughts, random pics

Here are a couple nice pics from our short trip to the OBX (Outer Banks of NC for you non NC folks) summer last year, I just found them on our camera:

Here is one of Tassie and I about to share a beer at Shana/Scott's engagement party. Notice that I can actually get dressed up when the occasion calls for it.

Here is another one of poop.

Just kidding, that is me falling off the top of Grandfather Mountain in western NC.

Random thoughts:
Bri and I put away 16% of our pre-tax income last year. Our return on that was about -30%. If we save -12% this year will our return be +20%?

I am sending in an application for Wake County substitute teaching. OSB Coaching will survive the economic apocalypse, but Team Gaal needs to supplement our income and I have no fear of random jobs to make due. Poker night doesn't pay that well on a per-hour basis.

Inside Out Sports is fixing up the Endless Pool, which is going to be a huge boost to the swim DVD. A stationary underwater camera right next to swimmers in a flume is going to be killer for technique analysis. Our other option was to attempt carting along next to the swimmer in a 25 yard pool but the flooring would create a lot of vibration.

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