Thursday, March 12, 2009

Azalea sprint tri

Bri and I are planning to race the first NCTS event, the Azalea sprint tri, this Saturday. I write 'planning' as if it is cold and rainy Bri has reserved the right to sit under an umbrella somewhere. I will tough it out either way.

In other news, since I am a dreamer (re: visionary genius) and Bri is the realist (re: sensible, responsible, conscientious), she has convinced me it's not a good idea for her to quit her stable well-paying job so we can spend the summer at the Jersey shore. Something about the economy, money, blah blah blah. Instead we'll take a week-long vacation to the beach in late July, watch Night in Venice (a big boat parade in OC), then catch the Brigantine Island sprint triathlon the following weekend. Every time we've gone to the shore it is 2-3 nights of boozing with my buddies while Bri gets bored, so I thought it would be good for her to see what a 'normal' week is like.

I am hard at work lobbying for a 2010 return to beach lifeguarding in NJ, before I'm too old to retry out.

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Tim Devinney said...

we saw you guys leaving town yesterday afternoon and honked at you. i know some friends that did not do the race due to conditions. i am sure you are crazy enough to have finished