Sunday, March 8, 2009

weekend update

I wound up flying to Fort Myers for a last minute Powerstroke clinic on Friday night. A former OSB athlete had asked me to put one on a few weeks ago, so we made plans and opened registration. On Monday we didn't have the minimum number signed up so I canceled the event and my plane ticket. On Thursday one of his friends guaranteed that we'd get 8 more people and that he would personally guarantee it if they didn't show up. I was not convinced but decided to go ahead and run it, bought a new plane ticket (2x the cost), and went down.

No new people signed up. We went ahead and had a good clinic regardless and my buddy was a gracious host. The one fella paid a bit more to cover things.

I would complain about the opportunity costs but complaining about getting work is like pissing into the wind.

In other news, the week's numbers:

run 4.33 hours
ride 3.25 hours
swim 2 hours
strength 20 minutes
~10 hrs total.

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