Friday, February 5, 2010

Powerstroke clinic make up date Feb 20

Since our clinic was snowed out last weekend weekend we are offering a make up Powerstroke clinic on February 20 here in Cary from 1PM to 7PM. I will run this with as few as five people, so if you are interested sign up.

In other news, the weather here is looking absolutely dismal today and for tomorrow, which unfortunately is the Krispy Kreme Challenge (2 mile run - eat 12 doughnuts - 2 mile run). Bri and I are not particularly interested in running 4 miles in 30 degree weather with freezing rain pelting us while our stomachs groan under the weight of 12 disgusting fat fried doughnuts, so we're opting out of this particular event. Notice how since the weather is bad the doughnuts are now disgusting and horrible. Does that make me a hypocrite or just complicated and deep? Ha ha. Have a nice weekend.

1 comment:

Steve said...

Opting out of an "A" race?????

Man oh Man!!!

I for one am disappointed.