Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It was time for Bri and I to renew our contracts with Sprint. They've been pushing to retain customers since the new CEO came in and discovered that Sprint had the highest attrition rate in the industry. We haven't had any issues with the service so went ahead and resigned up. Now we've both got Crackberries. It took me two hours today to figure out how to set a ring tone especially for Bri. You'll know it if you hear it. I got the 8330 which we can use to hook up to my computer when traveling and use it as a modem. So we dropped the separate modem card.

In other news we dropped HBO from our cable. In other, other news in order to save money we're debating buying a new car. The logic of that is convoluted and defies imagination. Our PT Cruiser is at 110,000 miles and I'm not keen on pushing it to the brink since Bri drives it to work every day. The Xterra is also approaching 110 but as our secondary car it is holding up just fine.

We're looking at the Honda Fit. Because it's good on gas, low on price, and has been getting good reviews. I'd put a picture up here but the blogger thing is giving me issues. It's a small boxy car with wheels.

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