Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today Bri, Shana and I went for an easy morning ride. Bri added on a bit after while I got to work on coaching stuff. In the afternoon we went up to the Chapel Hill Country Club to volunteer for the Swim for Smiles youth triathlon, going on tomorrow morning. We registered a bunch of people. The youths are supposed to have USAT cards just like us adults and a number of folks showed up sans card. A handful got real pissy about it when we refused to give them their number without proof of USAT insurance. We were able to look up a couple online through the USAT website, but a Blackberry isn't designed for extensive online applications.

Two ladies were really giving us the "I have soooo many better things to do than deal with a loser like you" attitude. This is Chapel Hill, don't forget, old Southern Money, pampered society and all that jazz. Over many years I've gotten good about straight facing the snooty sorts when I'd prefer to tell them to shove it up their keister, but that sort of language doesn't go over well in polite society. Sort of a Rodney Dangerfield guy in a Country Club world. Anyway I scapegoated the race director, who gets the final dirty scowl.

Afterwards we had a nice cookout or barbeque here at Casa de Gaal with our extended Harrington clan. Good times. Tomorrow I am going to suffer badly at the Kerr Lake tri, but sometimes that's good for character building. I like to tell myself that anyway.

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