Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 3 weekend

We had a nice weekend here in NC. I shot down to White Lake on Saturday morning to catch a few of my athletes & friends racing in the White Lake Half. It was windy and hot but people held together well. Then drove the two hours back to Cary, worked a bit, and got ready for the wedding of Aaon Kiefer and Casey Moore. These two are what we in polite society refer to as a "power couple." They are both smart, good-looking, charming, and motivated. They're also very nice folks, which makes the rest of us hate them all the more. :)

We hung out with a variety of folks at the wedding and had a very nice time. I didn't do or say anything embarrassing, which must be some kind of record. I bought a suit for my niece's baptism last month, so wore that again. The pants are already kind of tight, which means my lack of training updates is directly correlated to my lack of training. I am starting to feel a bit re-motivated and am looking to get back into a reasonable routine.

Tentatively planning to run the 50th annual Atlantic City Boardwalk Marathon on October 19 and give a Boston qualifying time a shot. As a 35-39 yr old guy I need to run 3:15.59. I like getting back to the Jersey Shore every once in a while and athletic events are a good excuse.

We'll be hosting a Powerstroke clinic here in Cary on June 28 if anyone is interested in working on their swim form. We're going to record a lot of the session to use as footage in the DVD we're planning to produce. That will be my main 'business' focus for the summer. I'm still planning on racing SOS in September.

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