Friday, May 2, 2008

Email blogging

So as if being able to write your blog isn't enough, blogger has it set up so that you can fire off an email to your blog and have that posted. That's in case you happen to be at a movie or concert with your friends, and want to be able to tell the fourteen readers who check out your blog, "I'm at a movie with my friends!" Then your readers, three of whom happen to be at the movies with you, can receive that blog update via an RSS feed through their next generation iPhone or 3G Blackberry. Then everyone can talk about how neat technology is and drool on their 2" screens.

Tomorrow I'm off to watch the White Lake Half (Iron-distance) triathlon. I have a few athletes racing and weather should be cooperative. In the PM Bri and I will witness our friends Aaron and Casey tie the knot.

We have primary elections coming up here in NC on May 6. Ron Paul ( is still in the race despite receiving zero press in the mainstream media. You've got to wonder why they would fail to mention that he's still on the ballot. I'm not really sure if he still has a chance, or is just selling books and trying to make a point. The real battle here is between Obama and Clinton. North Carolina doesn't have a libertarian party so I'm registered as an independent. I'm not allowed to vote in both primaries so will have to pick one. I do wish Paul had a shot. You've gotta admit that if you think too much about national debt, fuel issues, biodiesel fallout, war, famine, global warming, ocean ice melting, inflation, conflation, stagflation, and general things-not-so-good, it makes ya want to go back to the playground when life and happiness were defined by the length of our recess, not the breadth of our excess. Ooh, that's deep.

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Andrew said...

Ron Paul is the man!