Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So in today's world of 7%+ real inflation and a questionable economy we're all faced with some serious decisions. Do you reduce spending, increase your income, or move to New Zealand? How do you do it? Reducing spending is much harder than it sounds. What do you cut? Gas expense through public or leg-powered transport? Food expense through eating out less or not at all? Food expense through substitution - mac and cheese over steak and eggs? Less travel? No travel? Movies? Cable? Internet? Chocolate and massages? What are your real luxuries in life and can you go without - them?

I usually find it easier to figure out a way to earn more money. In college I served lunch and dinners at a sorority house to get free meals + $50 bucks a week. That paid my rent and is totally like the inflation adjusted of $200 a week now. During the summers I picked up night jobs to supplement my days on the beach. Fried chicken wings, sold t-shirts, sodded lawns, whatever. After college I worked a variety of odd jobs but was always willing to work more in order to make things happen. Bri and I aren't really big spenders so cutting back on the little expenses is not going to make an appreciable difference. She's not a mocha latte with whip cream type of girl and I like my coffee strong with sugar and made from a can at home. It's the big ticket items. We've already planned a trip to Costa Rica in June this year so that's a go. But other trips are gonna wait methinks.

So if you're hourly you're faced with:
- working more at the same rate
- getting a second job at any rate
- Finding a new job at a higher rate

If you're salaried you have to:
- Stump and whine for a raise or merit based bonus
- Find a new job at a higher salary
- Work overtime and hope they pay it out
- Get a second job

If you own your own business you:
- Bill at a higher rate
- Work for more clients at the same rate
- Invent something awesome and sell a bunch of it (indented question: loans or personal financing)
- Get a second job

These are the realities and vagaries of everyday life.

In other news, tomorrow is Bri's and me's four year anniversary. Time does fly and she is a whole lot of good woman. I'm a lucky guy. Without her at this point I think I'd be barking at cars somewhere on I-10 between Tallahassee and Nevada.

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