Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kerr Lake Triathlon

I enjoyed myself at the race today. Got there with enough time to spare and set up the OSB sponsor table, which consists of a folding table, a 2x6 banner, a Seminoles beach chair, and a variety of our propaganda. Warmed up a couple minutes on the swim and then it was go time.

Felt pretty good on the swim and came out first in 20.00 or so. I can move well in a wetsuit without a whole bunch of training, but I'm sure that won't last forever. Bike was not bad but can definitely tell the difference between 60 mile weeks and 150 mile weeks. Came off the bike in fourth with a ~1:03 split.

A 10k run is tough enough when you're in good running shape. Doing it at the end of a triathlon when you're not in very good running shape is just plain wrong. I trudged along as best I could, grimacing and trying not to walk, finishing in 45:30 or thereabouts. Got pretty hot towards the end as well. I'd predicted a 2:10 finishing time and finished in 2:10.20. 7th overall, 2nd in the AG. I'll take it, gonna start back with the weekend 10 mile runs before I crash out.

OSB athletes and OSB Cary masters swimmers turned in a bunch of solid races, congrats to everyone! We had:

Kerry Troester 2nd OA female
Heather Honnold 3rd OA female
Dan Care 1st AG
Karen Crews 25 minute PR
Heidi Staub 1st AG

I'm forgetting a couple but it's been a long day already.

Below is Kerry receiving her award. You can see I'm still working on my banner placement & hanging abilities.

We also got to cheer on Deanna Babcock, a triathlete from NC State who had a near-death experience last year. Her heart stoppped during a routine swim workout, and she was in a coma for 4 weeks and lost her leg due to poor circulation. She competed in and finished the triathlon this morning, her first since the incident.

Not a bad day!

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Anonymous said...

Marty congrats on the race, and congrats on the success of OSB athletes!