Thursday, June 5, 2008

Eagleman and the Taxman

Bri and I are off tomorrow afternoon for Cambridge, Maryland and the Eagleman 70.3. Bri was originally signed up for the race but had to transfer to the Aquabike due to her foot issues, which is a bummer but has happened to all of us. It is going to be a bit hot out there but that goes with the territory. I am strictly on coach patrol. We'll take the beach route and enjoy the more scenic driving conditions that going up the coast of Virginia and Maryland allow. The Chesapeake Bay-Bridge tunnel is pretty neat if you've never seen it.

In other news, we're soon getting our tax rebate or whatever it's called, to the tune of $1,200. We get to turn around and send that back to The Man as part of our June quarterly estimated tax payment. Our economic stimulus package in action.

Next week we're off to Costa Rica for a few days of surf and relaxation. I'll probably have to bring a computer but plan to work as little as possible during that time.

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