Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Costa Rica

This post will be a little long so bear with me. This evening we're flying to Orlando to meet up with my college chum Bill Payne, of Bill Payne Design (the OSB website designer). On Thursday morning we'll all take an American Airlines flight to San Jose, Costa Rica.

From San Jose we're catching a twin prop over to a town called Tambor, on the Pacific coast. From Tambor we take a shuttle to the town of Malpais. This is essentially a semi-developed surf resort. Down in Malpais we're meeting up with our buddies Jamie and Judy, who we know from Orlando but who originally hail from the Jersey shore.

We'll be there from Thursday to the following Wednesday for what will amount to a surf vacation. Bri plans to take some surf lessons and will go out if the waves aren't too big. As of yesterday they were overhead or bigger.

If you want to be a stalker you can find us at the Hotel Oasis. We'll either be on the beach, here, or at a bar somewhere.

I am not bringing a computer and will be completely unplugged. Might check email a couple times, but I might not. It's been a while since we did that.

Ok, part 2. The results of the weekly survey!

1. Did you miss the weekly surveys?
81% - Yes
14% - No
3% - New here

2. When I'm bored I like to:
76% - Roam the internet
10% - Eavesdrop on co-workers

3. If you the reader could go to the beach every summer and be a lifeguard/beachbum, at the cost of maximizing your earning potential, would you?
54% - Do what you love
5% - Yes, no, the world will end, life is what you make of it

4. On Iraq, I (the reader) think:
39% - Boondoggle
29% - We can't win this one
19% - Stay the course
10% - We're winning and we can win

5. My favorite summertime activity is:
29% - The mountains
19% - The beach/shore
24% - A big trip of some sort
19% - Triathlon races
5% - Vegas, booze, women, and gambling

See you in a few days.

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