Friday, July 18, 2008

Computer wait time

So I sit in front of the computer a lot, just like most of the rest of you. I've figured that I spend about 30 minutes a day sitting around waiting for my computer to finish a process or get off a hang up. I try not to scream and shake my fist but don't always succeed. Really annoying. The worst is McAfee / Norton Antivirus. That program eats up all my RAM. But it's a necessary evil.

Anyway, onto funner and sunnier things. We're off to Duck, NC in a little bit to check out the Outer Banks (OBX). I'm looking forward to a mini vaca, though I'll be working quite a bit as usual.

In other other news, we received our Macbook yesterday. Step 2 in the DVD creative process. Now all I need to do is teach myself how to use an advanced moviemaking & editing program. No sweat right? Rome wasn't built in a daze.

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