Tuesday, July 15, 2008

current events

The more I know about the state of our economic union and the reality of world politics, environment, and the like, the more I'm inclined to bury my head in the sand and make the most of what I can in my little corner of the world. There's not a whole lot meself can do about saber rattling in who knows where, right? I'm done. Cooked. Fed up. Turned on tuned in and dropped out. No more worries. Gonna keep putting our pennies in a jar, make some gizmos that people want to buy, do things we enjoy, and ignore everything else. Total tunnel vision. You can spend 30+ years working your way up to a corner office and a big retirement party, or you could do a lot of this:

Bri and I are headed down to the Outer Banks this weekend to visit with a couple of her old college friends. I'm going to pick up a NSP 7'6 surfboard and visit a couple of the ocean rescue departments to talk about next year.

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