Saturday, April 18, 2009

5280 swim

We had a good turnout of fifty swimmers for the first annual 5280 Swim at Beaverdam Lake north of Raleigh this morning. Everyone gave it good marks and enjoyed it. Water was about 62 degrees. 3 or 4 people did it without the aid of a wetsuit. Kudos to them.

Kim Rice, of Durham Masters, won the swim overall (no wetsuit either). She is preparing for an English Channel Crossing in 2010, and you can keep track of her progress on her blog. Kim and I swam together on my old age-group swim team when I was living in Miami in 1997-8. Small world!

I would post a few phone pictures here, but I forgot my phone.


future black belt said...

Thanks for putting on such a well organized race!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for a great race! Any chance of offering a 2 mile option for the August race? It might help make some of my friends and I up here in Richmond more likely to make the trek down there. Just a thought.... :)

future black belt said...

I second that! 2 mi would be great