Saturday, April 4, 2009

Smithfield Sprint results

Bri and I had a nice time at the race this morning, the wind was howling but it was not as cold as our last race at Azalea. I decided to race without my spare tub bag, telling Bri that if I flatted I would just ride it in. If you can't read the foreshadowing...I flatted at about mile 6 with 4 to go.

The swim went well, not sure if it was meters or yards but I felt strong. The masters sessions are definitely helping with my mojo. I was moving along pretty well on the bike until the rear tire popped. That is frustrating but better here than at a prize money race or big race somewhere. Limped in (wonk wonk wonk wonk goes the wheel) and had a solid run - probably 30-40 seconds faster than at Azalea.

Bri beat me again but this time it was on a technicality. She won the women's race and was only 5 minutes behind the overall winner.

After the race I saw that the sidewall on my tire was completely worn through. So you should probably change your race tire more than once every five or six years. Who knew?

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Tri-ing Again said...

Tough luck getting a flat on the bike. I was the Master Clydesdale who said "That sucks" when I pass you towards the end. Congrats to Bri. Good luck next race.