Sunday, April 19, 2009

Triangle Orthopaedic Triathlon

I raced in the Triangle Orthopaedic sprint tri this morning on NC State's Centennial campus. They have a fairly sizable lake on campus there - Lake Raleigh. Probably around 250 people, it looked like a lot of college students and a bunch of local athletes.

I had a good race and finished 2nd overall, which is good for my delicate ego. My uphill biking is still weaker than I'd like but everything else is coming around nicely. The masters swim practices have gotten me back into solid swim shape, I am moving along nicely in the water these days. The run also had some hills but the main stretch was a long downhill I was able to run well. Local Duncan Rougier-Chapman outran me by a minute to win the overall.

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Mr. Duprey said...

I was there as a participant and felt very comfortable with the event as a kick off for '09. Last year I ran with some family on a relay team named "Running With Scissors". It gave me an opportunity to observe the competitors since I had never been to a tri event before.

Well, this year my goal is to work hard, train and go for a 3 races season with The TOT the starting point. Though my swim felt flat my bike was steady and run was terrific. Finished in an hour fifteen and the run was a 20.54 which was great personnally to accomplish.

I hope to run into to you and say hello at The Triangle Tri this summer and if all goes well the Duke Half. Good luck and best wishes.