Friday, April 17, 2009

Homeward bound

I had a nice visit here in Miami with my Dad over the last couple of days. We did all sorts of fun guy stuff - poker tournaments, bar food and beer, fishing, and staying up late. Next time I'm going to bring Bri since she just loves all this stuff. :)

Tomorrow we're co-running the first annual 5280 swim at Beaverdam Lake. There will probably be about 50 people swimming which is good for a first time event at this time of year. I will be conducting a 15-20 minute pre-race open water clinic as part of the deal.

This morning I got in a nice choppy swim off the beach in Fort Lauderdale, then ran a couple of miles on the sidewalk/boardwalk out there. The beach area in Fort Lauderdale is a nice place to hang out but I wouldn't wanna live there (too much traffic and too crowded for me).

On Sunday I'll be racing in the NC State Centennial Sprint Triathlon - 750meter swim, 10.5m bike, 5k run. After my flat at the last race I thought it might be good to get a continuous race effort before St Anthonys next weekend.

Speaking of St Anthonys, looks like next weekend I'll be driving around a bunch.

I borrowed the Art of War by Sun Tzu from my dad to read and study, after which I will "crush my enemies, see them driven before me; and hear the lamentation of their women."

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