Friday, May 14, 2010

Maggie Valley rocks

We are here in Maggie Valley, NC, which is near Waynesville and about 30 minutes west of Asheville. It is a relatively small mountain hamlet although there was quite a bit of through-traffic today. We're here for our six year anniversary and 9.7 year dating anniversary. We were out this way last year as well.

We never really bothered before, but today we rode our bikes from the cabin to the Maggie Valley entrance of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was one hell of a climb the entire way. I wasn't sure if my bike was having issues, or my back wheel was rubbing, or if I was just a weak piece of garbage. Any way you slice it we climbed for about 1.5 hours before finally getting some descents. We started at about 2,500 ft and finished climbing at nearly 6,000 feet - Water Rock Knob point (we just passed by instead of making the final ascent).

All in all our 45 mile route took about 3.5 hours and I have been pooped for the rest of the day. Pooped is scientific terminology for f*cking wiped out. Tomorrow we're going to do an easier course for 1-2 hours and a short run, then go to Asheville to celebrate our actual anniversary.

This evening after dinner I did some fishing in the backyard stream of our temporary residence. I did have one real trout bite but was not able to land it. I've never fished for stream trout before and it is a different animal - the water is 2-3 feet deep max in most spots so you are searching for a small shadow in the dark. Sort of like the illumination of your soul. I digress. Teach a man to fish...

Tassie is having a ball. She likes fishing but even more she likes eating the bread I accidentally leave behind.

I will amend this with pictures when I feel like it.

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