Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

We are having a relaxing weekend at Casa de Gaal. Good party with some friends last night to celebrate Bri's birthday and the Doughman race. Today was a relaxing bike ride and some household chores. Tomorrow I will coach a 7AM masters swim practice and then we will continue with household chores and perhaps a run or ride. I'd like to go to the beach but there are a lot of things around the house that need house-things doing.

Take a moment to remember our fallen veterans tomorrow. Regardless what you think of our various military conflicts, the average soldier is simply doing his or her duty and many have paid the ultimate price for the foibles of our insulated political class.

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Steve said...

tried to comment with my stupid phone. Piece of junk.

My 2 cents??? Go to the beach!!

House Shmouse!!! :)