Sunday, May 2, 2010

White Lake sprint racing 2010

I had a good race this morning at White Lake. There were a bunch of elite men registered but only a couple showed up, so our wave was sparse. I felt good on the swim and took the lead. Jumped on the bike and pushed the pace. I am still not as strong as I would like into a headwind but that should come around as the summer progresses. Came off the bike in first and started running with a minute lead. Young Mason Boyles caught me at 1.2 miles, the kid is fast as the wind.

I held it together reasonably well and ran a 20:27 5k. I have been running about 25 miles a week but am going to bump that up to 30-40 and hope that gets my 5ks consistently into the low-19s (and drop 3-5 lbs of the last bit of flab).

My splits were 10:24, 34:51, 20:27, + transitions for a 1:07.46 total. As the clock goes this put me into 3rd overall as a fellow from an age-group wave beat me.

Here is an action shot.

I am jamming at sprint speed to the finish. You can also notice that my race number is not clearly visible. Unfortunately in the Set Up Events races, if your number is not showing at the finish line you get a 2 (two) minute penalty. I was spaced out and forgot to move it around. This dropped me to fifth place overall.

To quote the great warrior-philosopher Forrest Gump: "It happens." "What, sh*t?" "Sometimes."

Here is a nice picture of three of our masters swimmers who raced in their first triathlon today, and Alysia and Bri, who helped coach the clinic last night:

We had a fun time and got to hang with a couple of my athletes the night before as well.

It was a hot muggy day and I smelled pretty bad on the way home.

The end.

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Steve said...

Good job on the race. Can't get Blogger on my computer, but can on my phone. Weird. What the sh*t rule is the number thing!!!

At least you smelled good on the ride home!!
The end!! ;)