Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boone training camp

We are off to Boone tomorrow for a 3 day training camp. Boone is a mountainous college town about three hours from the Triangle area of North Carolina. Home of App State. Our itinerary:

Thursday: dinner
Friday: ride 3 to 6 hours (I will do about 4) / run 30 minutes
Saturday: run 8 to 15 miles (I will do about 10) / swim 3000-6000 yards (5000 for me)
Sunday: ride 2 to 5 hours (I will do 3.5) / run 15-20 minutes

I am looking forward to it but will have to keep working through the weekend. On a nice porch in the mountains. Such is life.


runningyankee said...

looking forward to it.

Steve said...

cool pic!!

GoBigGreen said...

MAke sure that that Running Yankee doesnt disappear for the swim part. She is sneaky like that.