Monday, June 14, 2010

It was a big weekend

We had a good weekend of event-related stuff. The open water clinic on Saturday went well, and the Jordan Lake swim came off without any problems. 150 started and finished the swim, compared to 112 last year.

It was a really tight race in both men's and women's fields. We start the men and women separately to reduce congestion at the statr. Kim Rice edging out Erin Cutrell by 4 seconds for the win in the women's race. On the men's side 45 year old Christopher Pittelli beat out 29 year old Kevin Herlihy by 7 seconds.

Everyone who started finished and there were no problems with the course. Thanks to NC Wildlife Officers, Louisberg Rescue, TAC lifeguards, and all other volunteers who helped make it a good and safe event.

After the race Bri, Kari and I got in a good ride on a hot day, then I toughed out a short run.

Later in the evening we met up at the Flying Saucer for some brews and good times.

I am completely wiped out today. Organizing the swims takes a good bit of mental energy. I really enjoy it but now I just want to sit and watch TV.

This weekend is going to be awesome - we have rented a nice house in the Boone area with several of our favorite training partners for a long weekend of riding and full on tri-geek training. Going to do some more Blue Ridge Parkway riding and enjoy a visit to the Boone area.

My triathlon training is still going well and last week was pretty big for me these days. Geek data:
Monday: 3,000 yard swim
Tuesday: 20 minute AM run, 1 hour PM run with 8 x 800s on track.
Wednesday: 5000m AM swim, PM Kung fu, and just sore as hell
Thursday: 1 hour easy trail run, 2.5 hour ride with fast group
Friday: ride 1 hour fast - swim 1,800 yards at the lake - ride 1 hour easy
Saturday: 1.5 hour run midday heat
Sunday: ride 42 miles - run 2 miles.

Total: 4 hours running, 4 hours swimming, 6.75 riding, 1 hour kung fu = ~16 hours

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Steve said...

Sounds like a big week to me.