Thursday, June 10, 2010

Swimming weekend

This weekend will be full of swimming related events. On Saturday, Bri and I are hosting an open water swim clinic from 8 till 11 at Jordan Lake. From 1230-200 I will meet a couple guys for a swim lesson at TAC.

At 5PM I'll be running packet pickup for the Jordan lake Open Water Challenge on Sunday morning. I am hoping to fit in a 10 mile run between 2 and 5 pm which should be awesomely super hot.

On Sunday we'll be out at New Hope Overlook for the 2nd annual Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge 1 mile swim. There should be 150-200 swimmers this year.

I am recruiting folks to volunteer as water safety craft, so if you have a surfboard or kayak and would like to paddle around on Sunday morning, come on out. Race start is 730AM.

After the swim and awards we will get in a 50+ mile ride. Then I will go to sleep.

1 comment:

Steve said...

lazy bastard!! That is all you are going to do??? I get at least that much done every day before 3:00 am!! j/k

Good luck this weekend, and ...oh yes, definitely get some sleep.

Criminies!! hmmm... guess that's not a word. Oh well. Such is life.

Have a good weekend!!