Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm not a finance whiz, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

The Dow appears to be headed to the significant psychological barrier of 11,000 and is off nearly 20% from the peak in October of last year. Now would be the time to start piling some dough back in. When everyone else is selling is usually the time you will find value. If I had a lot of cash I'd put a lot of cash in. But I don't, so instead I'll tell you to do it. Just throw it into the market.


Storytellers for kids said...

I'll bet you a beer that you'd be better off waiting 2 months. End of August, start piling in. Oil will drop, we'll know a little more about the state of the economy (how far away the corner is...) everyone will be coming back from the summer.

I won't be piling any money in either, unfortunately. : /

Anonymous said...

Whether the time is right now, in late June. or in August, it does seem to wise to start thinking about that. Maybe right before the Olympics comes and makes people irrationally optimistic would be a good timeframe.

Having said that, I don't know that our current volume of investable funds are worthy of the word "pile". We cashed out of our previous portfolio for a hefty check to our friend, Mr. IRS and have gradually built back up the coffers. Point well taken, though.

Cody's Tri Blog said...

Cramer is probably yelling... "Buy Buy Buy"!

Yes, I agree with that thought process when investing. However, I do have another problem that maybe you can blog about... All the "red ink" I am currently showing in my portfolio. ;) Can Holiday Inn Express help? I wonder what Cramer would do? Probably hit all sorts of funny sounding buzzers and yell into the camera on CNBC!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

danger, will robinson!

Let the VIX be your guide. There's no blood in the streets yet. No capitulation. Look at prior bear markets. 1974, 2001 etc. We are nowhere near bottom. But, as long as folks want to pile in and catch falling knives, I will happily sell to them. Good luck!