Monday, June 9, 2008


It was a pleasant, quick trip up the coast to watch everyone at Eagleman. It was a hot one out there, which is reflected in the much slower times than last year.

After the race Bri and I headed over to Ocean City, Maryland to check out the town and scene there. It is a nice enough beach and boardwalk, but definitely a bit rough around the edges. It's been crossed off the short list of possible places we may wind up for a summer(s).

I drove home so Bri could relax and get a bit of shut-eye. We calculated that the Fit got 39.1 mpg on the way back. A fill-up costs about $32, since it seems to have a 2 gallon reserve (10.7 full tank). Our PT was costing $45, and the Xterra weighed in a couple weeks ago at $67.

So buy buying the Fit we have saved one billion dollars.


Anonymous said...

so, can you just feel yourself morphing into great shape as you drive your new car?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it has helped me lose belly fat and earn carbon offset credits!