Tuesday, March 17, 2009

new post

So I am making this post just to get the dude with the big quads and shrunken weenie off the top of my blog. Too many of you were enjoying that.

The sun is finally making an appearance here after 5 days of disturbingly cold and shitty weather. I was starting to get pissy about it.

Tomorrow I will ride big miles since I am out to impress my numero uno.

I am lobbying Bri that we should buy a cabin in the mountains of Western NC. There are some nice log cabins coming online as people go belly up left and right. Like 100K for some brand new, good locations, and acreage in an accessible area. Anyone want to go 50/50 on one? Drop me a line for shizzle. No freaks or weirdos. Wait, that disqualifies all of you who read this. Damn.


Anonymous said...


We would absolutely go 50/50 with you. Angela and I have wanted a cabin in the mountains for a while. Hit me up and we can talk business.


Anonymous said...


This is the one.

Anonymous said...

Well, I love you blog so I guess i'm a freak. But seriously I have always wanted to move to Western N.C. Can you say exactly where these great deals are- Waynesville, Brevard, Asheville? Thanks, Dawn

martygaal said...

Boz, that is a nice place but unfortunately a bit out of my price range at the moment. :P

Dawn, check this website: http://www.realtyworldheritage.com/

Tim, we will have a sit down meeting of the minds for sure.

Heather said...

You buy it and I will rent it from you for vacations - at a family discount of course!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link I will check it out. and I obviously meant I love you're blog! dawn