Thursday, May 27, 2010

How much do I work?

You might wonder how much work does a job like mine entail. After all, I am 'just' a triathlon coach, right? I have been at it for nearly a decade and have a reasonable athlete/client base. This is an average weekly breakdown from January through October, when things quiet down a bit.

In no particular order:

Athlete schedule writing: 20 hours
Phone consulting with athletes: 3 hours
Swim practice and lessons: 6 hours
General office work (check writing, deposits, supplies): 2 hours
Personal training with athletes: 3 hours
Marketing (email blasts, materials, etc): 2 hours
Accounting: 2 hours
Email support & schedule adjustments for athletes: 8 hours
Continuing education (reading articles, books): 2 hours
Business development: 2 hours
Travel time: 2 hours

I have the long term goal of getting to the point where I do very little work on the weekends, but that has not happened yet. My work is spread around the clock, seven days a week. This past Tuesday when I drove to the beach to surf and then came home to celebrate Bri's birthday was the first time in a couple of months where I did zero to barely any work - I answered a few emails on my crackberry.

This is a comfortable workload for me; there are uncomfortably busy periods (like January & February of this year) where I may work up to 50% more than this, and uncomfortable un-busy periods (like the late 2008 to mid 2009 recession) where I work less.

So next time you imagine that all I do is sit home and go train, check your presumptions. I do enjoy most of what I do but it is still work on some levels.

That is your thought for the day.

Now I am off to play with Tassie in the backyard and go for a run-swim-run. Ha!


Steve said...

Can't imagine anyone in their right mind would ever think you don't work hard. Heck just in training alone!!

Good Luck with everything!!!

Anonymous said...

marty, do you even care what others think how you spend your day?