Monday, June 28, 2010

kure beach weekend report

Bri and I had a nice time in Kure Beach over the weekend. For those of you not familiar with KB, it is a small island town (year round population 3,000) just south of Wilmington. Mostly single family homes, vacation homes, and a few condos. It is a nice quiet beach town.

I rode from Cary to Wilmington on Friday with a couple other guys. I thought it was around 125 but turned out to be 134 miles to downtown Wilmington. My riding partners were consistently holding a pace just a bit too fast for me, so I rode most of it solo. I haven't ridden more than 3.5 hours this year, so I figured if I am going to double the time and distance, I better ease off.

All told we made it without any problems, it was a hot day but there are enough stops along the way to refuel. We left at 10AM and arrived at our destination at 630PM. The guys would have been there earlier but I took my time, stopping for sodas, grilled cheese sandwiches, to take pictures, make phone calls, etcetera. No hurry for me.

On Saturday we ran an open water clinic on the beach. There were some waves so we got to teach people how to deal with entering/exiting and give some bodysurfing lessons. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, eating, and working on training plans.

On Sunday morning we raced in the Kure Beach double sprint tri. This is a great event, lots of fun, and high on the difficulty scale. It was really hot and humid to boot. I had my best run(s) of the year, swam well, and did OK on the bike, finishing 7th overall. Bri took 2nd overall female. A couple years ago I did the race in poor shape so it was nice to be able to 'race' the event again.

This weekend I'm going to run a 4 mile footrace and get some more riding in.


Steve said...

Another fun weekend!! Cool!! Long way to bike!!

triblog carol said...

Congrats to you and Bri on a great race, after riding your bike to the beach! I was only joking when I suggested that on Facebook. Little did I know that was your actual plan!