Friday, January 30, 2009

life and all that good stuff

Some of you are probably wondering how the coaching business is going with the economy in a tailspin, people being laid off left and right, and the USD headed for debasement and devaluation. Triathlon coaching is much like personal training in the sense that it is a luxury for most. Our bottom line is down about 20% from the same month last year, which is painful but not debilitating. This puts us back in line with 2006 earnings. The crunch will slow our plans for acquisition of a mountain getaway.

From a business standpoint a period of economic malaise like this is a good time for healthy businesses to work on expansion and advertisement in advance of a rebound in one, two, or three years time. The survivors pick up all the customers of those companies that had to shut their doors.

Of course if this turns into a depression I will probably be picking up any additional odd jobs to help pay the bills. I am debating looking for a 3 or 6 month tech writing contract to help us out. That is a good thing about the technical writing profession, a lot of places prefer short term hires to help out with one-off documentation products.

In World of Marty Poker news, I finished up 75% at the Wednesday night game.

In the World of Marty Stock, ETF and Option Investing newsletter, I picked up 100 shares of USO at 28.65 and wrote a February 31 covered call. USO tracks oil and natural gas. Believe it or not we are up about 12% on our trading cash since beginning to take action in late November. If the SP gets back to 900 I'm going to get out of our domestic mutual funds for a while. If it doesn't we'll ride it out.

In World of Marty Survivalist & Armageddon Magazine, I checked out a Mossberg 500 pump action 12 gauge at the local sporting goods store today. BAM!

In World of Marty Training News, I am feeling tired today after having a 10+ hour 5 day week. Yesterday I ran 25 minutes with Bri in the AM, then rode 1 hour with an athlete, then rode 1.25 hours with Bri.

We are off to VA to hang with the niece for her birthday this weekend.


Cody's Tri Blog said...

Coaching - hang in there Marty - your a good coach! The shotgun is the way to go - saw off the 12 gauge and you got a "no miss" weapon that I prefer.
Stocks - I agree I want to see an Obama bounce and I am out as well. See you at Masters!

Anonymous said...

Yo, the Mossberg is an excellent choice. It's on my wish list. It will sit nicely next to my HK-93 and Beretta 9mm.

my word verification was 'palin' whassup with that?

Anonymous said...

wassup with you two?

martygaal said...

Save us a spot at the compound, we will come armed to the teeth and willing to till the soil with sweat and tears.

Re: Palin, My blog has been placed on a list for sedition (along with yours :P).