Thursday, January 15, 2009

poker, trades, training

I made a 'bet' in the stock market yesterday with an ETF called UYG, which is a double long financial. My bet was that today we'd rebound a bit. Wrong! Fortunately a tight sell stop order limited the loss. I expect this one to rise soon but it's tough to say how much lower we will go. I do expect to see 7,000 before we hit 10,000 again. The question is will we go up to 9,000 next week, or down to 7,000? The market is entirely controlled by daily news these days.

In poker last night however, I returned 105% for 3.5 hours work. We are moving to Vegas soon.

Training is going well. Going for a run with Tassie today and then a MTB ride with Bri tonight. Good times.


Anonymous said...

did you post this before the end of the day? talk about a rebound.

martygaal said...

yep this was an AM post. Big swings!