Sunday, January 11, 2009

good week

This week I managed:

8,300 yards swimming (2:45 hours)
20 miles running (3:30 hours)
4:45 hours riding
1 kung fu class (too wiped out to go on Friday)

a total of around 12 hours of training. Not too bad. On the ride today I completely bonked after 1.5 hours. Had to coast to the finish and then dragged Bri to Los Tres Magueyes (a great affordable Mexican restaurant here in Cary) for some calories.

Set Up Events should be announcing the White Lake training camps sometime this week.

If anyone is debating our St Pete Beach Training Camp, let me know. We have had a couple people back out and now have two open bedrooms in the beach house.

I have been in charge of picking a vacation spot for our five year anniversary in May. The plan was to make the destination a surprise for Bri, but after wrestling with the various prices and destinations, I sought her input and we settled on a cabin near Asheville. We can bring Tassie since it is pet friendly. Affordable, stuff Bri likes, the dog can go, and microbrews in Asheville. Not bad.

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