Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekend update

It has been a good week of trigeek training for me, but I am under the weather with cold #2. Bri got sick then I got sick then she got well then she got sick then I got sick again. I don't like using got that many times in a sentence, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

Tomorrow we're running a Powerstroke clinic 8-2. We're going to recapture the footage for the presentation portion, the sound and some other issues with our first two attempts were nixed by my crack design and presentation team. The Powerstroke DVD is going to take longer than planned to release, but having a good delayed project is better than a poor released project.

I made a little money with a couple ultrashort ETFs this week, bought them on Tuesday just before the close and sold them both the next day when the market went down. I've slowly averaged out of some domestic funds in our IRAs to free up some cash for trading.

I have found a couple nice small log cabins in the mountains, but can't justify the payment just yet.

I am stocking up on guns and ammo for the end of days.

Still trying to work out a way to get to the beach for a couple months this summer. That is harder to pull off than it sounds.

Do you ever think the word elite is overused? Elite this, elite that. It just means better than you. How about the Better Than You category at triathlons? Or the Better Than Yours Hedge Fund? Better Than Them Travel Agency. Hotter Than You Modeling Agency. You get the picture.

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