Saturday, August 16, 2008

4 week crash course

I've got four weeks to go from slob to not-quite-a-slob. Bri has laid down the smack for our showdown at the Virginia Sandman triathlon or whatever the name is. She poked me in the belly and said she was gonna kick my you know what. So it's go-time. I'm going to experiment with myself and see how 3.5 weeks of serious training works out. It'll be my last triathlon for the season so I may as well finish on a high note. There is also some prize money but that might be stretching it. I'm currently weighing in at a doughy 167 lbs, while my svelt racing weight is closer to 153. I'm not a fan of crash diets but cutting back a few empty calories shouldn't be too difficult.

1 comment:

BriGaal said...

For the record, I laid down no such smack.

But whatever it takes to get your butt in gear I'm all for :)