Friday, August 1, 2008

Lake Logan

Tomorrow morning we're racing in the Lake Logan Triathlon. Bri is also competing so I won't be allowed to sleep in / skip this one. That's OK. I am feeling mighty fired up!! Raarr! No, seriously. It's supposed to be one of the more scenic races around North Carolina. They have a $100 swim preme that Bri wants me to win. So my strategy is going to be bust a gut in the swim and see if it's good enough. I haven't looked at the start list but am sure there are a couple decent athletes racing.

In other news, OSB Cary Masters will be adding evening swim times starting in September. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights from 7:30-8:45PM. Come on out.

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Anonymous said...

Your link is broken, knucklehead.

Good luck winning the prime! I hear Wisthoff is racing, that'll make it fun!