Monday, August 25, 2008

weekend update

It was a pleasant weekend and a good week of training for me in my quest to beat Bri at the Sandman Triathlon in Virginia. Feeling decent again. Tassie and I watched Bri race at the Triangle Sportsplex triathlon on Saturday morning. Tassie was really excited. We watched Bri forget to take her Blue 70 Point Zero3 off but didn't get to record that part. Shoot. After the race and a nap, Bri was kind enough to accompany me on my first 10 mile trail run in a long time. We did the Turkey Creek loop in Umstead. Quick happy hour at the Flying Saucer then off to bed.

On Sunday we rode a couple hours then enjoyed the rest of the day.

This week I'll be back at it with group rides, trail runs, massive swim sets, and other kooky stuff.

BTW, OSB decided to be a minor sponsor of the Pier 2 Pier swim in Wrightsville Beach.

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