Thursday, August 14, 2008

in-and-out of Orlando

It was a very quick trip to Orlando. I flew in yesterday at noon, picked up my car, drove the the dermatologist to get my spots checked out, then to the Y to give a swim lesson. Had a short break at Panera to do some work, then back to the Y to run with the Downtown YMCA runner group, which Bri and I used to be regulars at. Saw a bunch of my buddies and did 8 x 400 at 1:30 pace, which is gut-busting for me at the moment. Then dinner at Anthonys, a few more beers at some pub down the street, and crashed on the couch at Bill Payne's place. Today up at 8, off to the Y to meet with a Premium Steps client at 9. Ran-swam with him then did a 1,200 easy afterwards. Cleaned up, breakfast at the Daybreak Diner (a great diner near Bri and my old condo). Now in the airport waiting to board my plane to head back to RDU.

The Macbook is a lot easier to carry around then my old heavy laptop.

That is all.

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