Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back from NJ

Returning from the shore this weekend was an exercise in frustration. There was a huge storm so everyone left at once. Combined heavy traffic with flooded streets and you get massive delays everywhere you go. It normally takes about one hour to get from South Jersey shore spots to Philadelphia and a bit more to get to the Delaware Memorial Bridge. On Sunday it took us nearly four hours. That put me way behind since I had met up with John (the 40th b-day guy) in Baltimore. We made it back to Baltimore by 7PM, then I drove a couple hours south before calling it a day and checking into a Quality Inn outside Fredericksburg, VA. Woke up at 5:30 to finish the drive and got home with just a few minutes to spare before heading into Inside Out Sports for my half-day shift (I am working there 2x a week).

It was a fun weekend. The STP concert was great and I caught up with some old buddies. Talked to the beach patrol chief about possibly returning. Would need to try out in mid June of next year, so we'll see if Bri and I can pull off a couple months on the beach next year. The Outer Banks is nice but it is the sort of place you go for a week-long family vacation, not for two months of work and play.

Back to the grind this week - tomorrow I fly down to Orlando for a couple meetings with new clients. I'll run with the YMCA track group tomorrow evening then head out for drinks with a few of the gang. Return on Thursday evening. I think Bri and I will be staying local this weekend, I need a break. Feel like I am coming down with a cold, which sucks.

I have more to say but am tired of typing.

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