Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bri wins!

Today is a day that will live in infamy. Bri has taken me down in an Olympic distance triathlon. The world rumbles and shakes. Children cry. Small dogs run in circles while buzzards circle overhead. An old woman screams.

3 minutes and 10 seconds. I left it all on the swim. I was sick. I was tired. I got a flat. I had rocks in my shoes. There was a fire. Earthquakes. Martians.

That's what happens when you detrain for several months.

I am, however, getting more fired up to take on some running races. There is a series around here called the Second Empire Running Series that puts on several runs. And I've decided to run the Philly Marathon on November 23. Might qualify for Boston, might not. 'Tis OK. Just keep moving is the thing.

I missed the swim prime by about 30 seconds. Kevin Lisska from Fletcher took all three primes and won the race.

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